My art investigation is to create a visual space that is animated through colour, form and the significance of sign, symbol and visual metaphor that pervades our everyday life experience. Responding through touch and visual awareness, I express myself in an abstract manner and I am inspired by nature, which gives me the structure and form of the compositions. True abstract art has always aspired towards the sublime that cannot be grasped conceptually, but touches upon the realm of pure sensory experience where the subtly of meaning and form are inextricably linked.

I love to explore nature's movement because I am seeking to represent aspects of life where human beings have a harmonious communication with nature. I am interested in invoking questions on the human condition because there is a tendency in our lives today to resign ourselves to an inauthentic life experience that is pressurised by the social determinism of our times. This can lead to self-denial and self-deception in which we sacrifice a genuine simplicity and appreciation of life.




Using nature's processes that can be conveyed in abstraction, I like to connect the viewer to a certain pictorial universe where their imagination is stimulated and is moved to joy, ease and freedom from the mental tensions of life that binds us to inharmonious states of mind. Sensory experience can evoke positive feelings and the viewer can feel liberated through the emotional resonance of colour. Our experience of the world is often solitary and needs solitude, yet in full participation of the aesthetic experience we can transcend this sense of solitude also. My wish is that my work conveys this joyful experience that is liberating.